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Brant Arts Chiropractic specializes in back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, headaches and sports injuries. Request an appointment today!

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Your Burlington Chiropractor

Brant Arts Chiropractic specializes in back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, headaches and sports injuries. Request an appointment today!

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Welcome to Brant Arts Chiropractic

At Brant Arts Chiropractic, we strive to deliver quality care that is evidence-based to help you live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Under the leadership of Dr. Brent Moyer BHSc, D.C., we help treat back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, joint pain, sciatica, foot pain, and more.

Conveniently located on Brant Street in downtown Burlington, we are always welcoming new patients from Burlington and surrounding areas, and are happy to help answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to request an appointment.

Hear From Our Patients

“Being a professional musician and vocalist entails a lot of hauling heavy equipment and
standing in heels three nights every weekend! By Monday my body feels beat up and extremely
stiff. I began treatment using chiropractic adjustments and active release therapy under Dr.
Brent Moyer to help manage the constant abuse I was putting on my body over a year and a
half ago.

Today I am much happier knowing that no matter how bad I am feeling all it takes is my regular
treatment to get me back to feeling normal again and performing my best. I hope my
testimonial will help someone who is suffering to decide to try chiropractic and go see Dr.
Moyer at Brant Arts Chiropractic! Thanks forever!”

- Renee

“At first I was sceptical of chiropractic treatments, but once a friend convinced me to meet with Dr. Brent
Moyer, I would recommend it to anyone. I first went to the chiropractic clinic in May 2008, and met
with Dr. Moyer where we set up a treatment plan for my specific needs. I had been having severe
migraine like headaches two to four times per week for about two to three years prior to receiving
treatments. My “cure” for this problem was resting, and taking Advil, Tylenol 3’s or 700 mg Ibuprofen.
After chiropractic, I noticed results almost immediately, and my headaches have dramatically reduced in
frequency and severity. From a severe headache two to four times a week, I am now at a mild headache
maybe every three or four months. Since treatment began I have had one severe migraine, at which
point I called the clinic and was in to see Dr. Moyer for treatment later that day. By the evening I was
feeling much better and by the next day everything was back to normal. Going for chiropractic
treatments was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am currently in the routine maintenance
portion of my treatment, which helps to prevent future headaches. For me chiropractic treatment was
the pain relief I needed without having to pop pills all the time.
Thank you Dr. Moyer,”

- Jamie W.

“My name is Linda. I am 44 years old and I am a musician. Three years ago I found
myself in Dr. Moyer’s office. I had chronic neck and shoulder pain due to the amount of
time I spent playing piano at my job (8 to 10 hours daily). Nothing seemed to alleviate
the pain I faced daily…not ibuprofen (which I frequently took 3000+ mg a day), not
alcohol (which numbed the pain temporarily), not exercise or stretching or yoga or
ANYTHING!!! I was at the point where I did not think I was going to be able to continue
with my performing career as the pain was worsening monthly. By the time I came to
find Dr. Moyer and chiropractic, I could not sit at the piano for more than an hour or so
without taking pain medication. Also, I suffered from miserable headaches every single
day. I could not turn my head to the left more than a few inches. I often woke up in the
night due to pain.

When I first tried chiropractic, I was somewhat sceptical it would help at all but felt I had
nowhere else to turn. My medical doctor was of no help and actually discouraged me
from seeking out a chiropractor. My family also thought it was a bad idea. Unfortunately,
there are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic medicine. However, from my very
first visit with Dr. Moyer I was made to feel that my pain was real and treatable. He gave
me hope that I would not have to continue to live my life with the constant chronic pain
that I had begun to think was almost normal! After several weeks of intensive treatment, I
slowly began to feel a decrease in my pain level. I could do my job longer without pain
killers, my headaches became less regular and less severe, and I noticed a definite
increase of mobility in my neck. Today, I rarely take headache medicine, I can do my job
no problem, and I do not live with pain any longer. Currently I go to see Dr. Moyer for an
adjustment roughly every 3 weeks and believe it keeps me on the right track with my
neck and shoulder problems.

Also, I had a baby last year. Very late into my pregnancy I was told by my ObGyn that
my baby was breech and I would need a c-section. I was determined to have my son
naturally and went on the internet seeking possible alternatives. To my surprise I
discovered there is a chiropractic treatment called the Webster Technique for this
problem. I immediately discussed this with Dr. Moyer and was delighted to learn that he
knew how to administer this technique. It was completely painless and safe for both me
and my baby. At my last ultrasound prior to my scheduled c-section my ObGyn was
astounded to see that in fact my son had completely turned around!!! She told me she
could not understand how he had turned as it was so late into my pregnancy and my son
was so big (almost 9 pounds at birth). When I told her about the Webster technique Dr.
Moyer had administered, she was speechless. My son and I are living testaments to the
benefits of chiropractic. If you feel like any of this rings true for you, try chiropractic. It
changed my life for the better. Maybe it could do the same for you!”

- Linda

“My name is Kathy S. and I am writing to tell you of the positive results I have received
from Dr. Moyer.

I was diagnosed by my family physician with sciatica. An MRI showed multiple issues
with the discs in my back and he recommended surgery. Back surgery terrified me, and I
would try anything before surgery, so I went to a friend who was a physiotherapist.

After five months of treatments including ultrasound, laser, heat wraps and spinal
decompression, there was, unfortunately, no improvement. I was still in constant pain,
limiting my ability to function and enjoy life. My physiotherapist also suggested I see a
back surgeon.

I did some research and talked to a few people who had opted for the back surgery.
Some had fair results, others poor, and no one highly recommended it to me. I continued
to take pain medication, which only helped for short periods of time, I limited my
activities and I tried exercising on my own.

It had been a year and a half that I had been suffering from sciatic pain. I happened to
run into my cousin one day and she told me she had had sciatica. She told me about
Chiropractic and the types of treatments she was receiving, so I decided to make an

In my 55 years, I had never been to a Chiropractor and I admit, I had a lot of
preconceived ideas about Chiropractic treatments and was a little frightened. I was seen
by Dr. Brent Moyer who did a complete history and examination, then discussed a
treatment plan with me. Everything was explained and I was put at ease. No more fear,
just hope.

My treatments consisted of chiropractic adjustments three times a week initially. Dr.
Moyer prescribed specific exercises to strengthen my back. With my combination of
treatments, in a few months I was pain free. I couldn’t believe it! I was able to do all the
things I used to do, I was focused and I felt great. I was me again! Now I only go once a
month for treatment to maintain my health.

If you have any hesitation about going, don’t. Everyone there is friendly and they really
care about your health. They have many different treatments to meet a wide variety of
needs, and I’m sure they’ll be able to meet yours.”

- Linda

“My journey with Dr. Moyer began when I was experiencing a burning sensation in my arm and down into my fingertips. Dr. Moyer had been recommended by a relative and thinking I might have a pinched nerve in my neck, I called for an appointment. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, but I felt at ease with Dr. Moyer’s adjustments.. I do have deteriorated discs in my neck and arthritis in my hands and knees. The burning sensation cleared up quickly with Dr. Moyer. His treatment for carpal tunnel has helped immensely. I am very pleased and grateful for the help I have received from Dr. Moyer.”

- Louise

“Dr. Brent Moyer has helped my condition a great deal. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and live with
chronic pain. Through the treatments I have received from Dr. Moyer I have been able to discontinue
using my pain medications on a regular basis. My mobility has improved significantly to the point of
being able to increase my activities. I am able to exercise regularly with greater intensity. Subsequently,
this is helping me to lose weight causing me to have overall better health. My energy has increased
which has resulted in improving my mental and emotional wellbeing.
Thank you Dr. Moyer”

- P.B